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Dark Raspberry Sour 275ml-Little Earth Project

This dark wort that became this beer was brewed in november 2020 with pale,chocolate, smoked, crystal and wheat malt. The small batch of only 200 litres was left in an ex lowland malt cask with out mixed culture to ferment slowly in the middle of our barrel room. In the summer of 2021 we were lucky enough to get our hands on 7kg of local over ripe raspberries and thought this unassuming barrel should be the recipient. the juicy fruit were left to infuse there flavour over the course of 8 months and then the beer was packaged into a limited run of 192 bottles. The result is a rich sour beer with flavours of coffee, sharp raspberries, vanilla and the slightest hint of charred oak.


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Little Earth Project is a forward thinking craft brewery with its roots firmly in the beautiful countryside of Suffolk. We produce mixed fermentation beers, that, much like sour dough bread and natural wine, harvest the power of wild yeast and bacteria to produce a unique flavour.
By using a combination of wild yeast we source from the lees of our own cider, Castlings Heath Cottage, as well as organic hops and barley that we grow ourselves on a field only 3 miles from the brewery, plus ingredients foraged from abundant local hedgerows, we can produce beers that are true representations of Suffolk in a glass.

Our beers are produced in small batches, between 200-800L at a time, which are then moved to wooden oak barrels to rest for anywhere from 3 months to 2+ years, depending on how it develops.  This natural, organic approach is applied to all parts of the business and ethos of Little Earth Project, as well as our pub, The White Horse Inn.


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